After the first part of the intensive revolving around disturbing the existing patterns, an entry point into the art of dance dramaturgy for the Prague intensive is attentiveness. On a macro level, art comes about first at the intersection between the self and the world. Galvanized by very personal fascinations or attempts to find answers to disquieting questions of today, artist’s attention can make all the difference, shift the general focus or even uncover blind spots to the wider attention. Freedom and playfulness is never too far from a great responsibility.  
On a micro level, art experience is born when an artwork encounters its spectator. Dramaturgy therefore could be seen as a tool of playful interaction of artist’s and spectator’s attention. The artwork has a horizon that requires specific positioning and opening from the spectator. Perception presupposes movement, literally the movement of the eye, other parts of the body, classics would add of course the soul. Hence obvious relation to dance but also to the question if dance stirs the attention in a particular way. And how about contemporary urban life or the multiple crises flashing on the backdrop of our days – are they changing our ability to perceive art?
Hosted by the PONEC - dance venue in Prague and in a dialogue with the local art community a diverse group of dance creators will put the attention on their own strategies or even prospects on the backdrop of economic, political or ecological zero hour. With intention to build endurance and ability of reshaping for the sake of preserving the horizon of their work despite simultaneously disrupting realities.