11. 01 .2021

In this bizarre period of Covid-19 everyone has to reinvent themselves. Sharing experiences, insights and solutions helps. The overarching theme of our MMDD project, the relationship between micro dramaturgy and macro dramaturgy is more relevant than ever at this time.

As an alternative to all the gatherings that had not been possible this year because of Covid-19, our project partner DansBrabant organised an online symposium from Sunday 18 October to Tuesday 20 October 2020. In April we had to postpone until further notice a 10-day residency, involving the meeting and exchange of five European mid-career choreographers and five dramaturgs in Anghiari and Polverigi. Similarly, our planned second residency, hosted by DansBrabant in Tilburg in the autumn could not take place.

When organising this, we were looking for a rhythm in which the online meetings could be most effective. How long can you keep up your head on Zoom? What will hold your attention? How long can you stay chained to a chair? How do you remain curious and alert? How do you build up an arc of tension and what gives satisfaction? The programme turned out to be a dramaturgical exercise in itself..

Read more about online symposium DansBrabant organised for the partners and dramaturgs in project Micro Macro Dramaturgies in Dance and check out the witty cartoons from Tilburg based visual artist Jeroen de Leijer!

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