The Tanec Praha organization is part of Czech national culture. It supports the development of contemporary dance and movement creation in the Czech Republic and the international cooperation. Thanks to the TANEC PRAHA Festival, the Czech Dance Platform and the activities of PONEC – dance venue, the general public has access to exceptional works of art and experiences. Tanec Praha supports the community work of artists as well as their international cooperation.

Tanec Praha is actively developing these international activities since 1991, when it became a member of IETM – the International network for contemporary performing arts. Five years later, it co-founded a platform to support young choreographers Aerowaves – dance across Europe.

At the turn of the millennium, it became a partner of the Trans Danse Europe project, which continued successfully in 2003 – 2006. From 2011 – 2013 it coordinated the M4m – M for mobility project. In 2015 was admitted to the prestigious EDN – European Dancehouse Network. In 2018 - 2021 it is implementing together with partners from 15 European countries the Be SpecACTive! project , which follows up on the successful first four years of this project in 2014 – 2018. Another European project slated for 2019 – 2022 is cooperation between cultural institutions, galleries and museums across Europe: Dancing Museums 2 – The democracy of beings.  TANEC PRAHA Festival also became a member of the new collaboration of the 12 european festivals Big Pulse Dance Alliance (2020 - 2024)  with the main aim of the project to diversify the programming on the big stages and to contribute to building a more resilient and healthy dance sector.  

Tanec Praha activities promote the creative and aesthetic development of society, openness, cultural diversity and tolerance while broadening the cultural offer and contributing to the artistic, ethical and moral development of society.

Anghiari Dance Hub (IT)

Anghiari Dance Hub was founded in January 2015 by the will and determination of some dance and theatre managers with the aim of providing young choreographers with tools to enhance and deepen their creative paths. For three consecutive months, the choreographers work with their interpreters on their first drafts of an original choreographic work. All along they are accompanied by tutors on dance dramaturgy, music-dance relationship, choreographic composition and light design as well as on the organization and promotion of their works. At the end of the training, the choreographic drafts are presented to the audience at the Theatre of Anghiari and to a small group of operators, professionals, critics, searchers and choreographers who will dialogue with the authors to share stimuli and perspectives. Choreographers and performers work in two rehearsal spaces and each receives a grant and accommodation. Anghiari Dance Hub is supported by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and by the Tuscany Region, and participates in projects aimed at internationalization programs.


DansBrabant – stimulant and catalyst for dance and choreography – places the human body at the centre of a world in motion. As an organization it backs choreographers and projects that focus on current trends that influence how it relates to the body, a source of ever-innovative themes like body and technology, body between cultures, body in public space, body and gender, etc. It reveals the urgency and topicality of dance and shows the many forms that dance can assume. DansBrabant supports choreographic talent artistically and business-wise. It moves actively within the triangle of production, presentation and audience and experiment with context and environment in presenting its work. Dialogue and research are essential parts of its approach. It works in networks on the local, regional and (inter)national level, such as Tilburg Dansstad, PLAN-Noord-Brabant, Moving Futures and StudioTrade. With this focus of cooperation DansBrabant creates an inviting dance climate in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant.

Dance House Lemesos (CY)

Dance House Lemesos (established in 2007) is a cultural organization dedicated to supporting, promoting, developing and presenting contemporary dance and the performing arts generally on a local and international level. One of its main goals is the inclusion of contemporary dance within the Cyprus reality through an open and accessible structure to all. Dance House Lemesos supports Cypriot performing artists, organizes an international performing arts festival, develops international collaborations, serves artistic development and choreographic growth through residency programs, delivers educational activities, participates in European programs and initiates collaborations with all contemporary artforms. The companies that founded Dance House Lemesos are: .pelma.lia haraki (Lia Haraki)., Chorotheatro Omada Pente (Chloe Melidou, Roula Kleovoulou), En drasi (Evie Demetriou, Emily Papaloizou), Interact dance co. (Natasa Georgiou) and Solipsism (Anna Charalambous). Dance House Lemesos is funded by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Culture and Education.


MARCHE TEATRO is a public body active in the performing arts, producing and promoting contemporary artistic projects, hosting creative residencies and programming theatre spaces. Marche Teatro is a consortium founded in 2014 by consolidating the three historical experiences of Teatro Stabile delle Marche, regional public theatre, Associazione Inteatro, devoted to contemporary performing arts and international activities, and Teatro del Canguro, dedicated to the production and promotion of educational and theatre projects for children. Marche Teatro is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Marche Region and the Municipality of Ancona. MARCHE TEATRO's director is Velia Papa.

BORA BORA - dance and visual theatre (DK)

Bora Bora - Dance and Visual theatre is based in Aarhus, Denmark. Bora Bora is a dance house that presents, produces and co-produces national and international performances, organizes festivals, conducts artistic experiments and initiates residencies and workshops. Through exchanges with partners in different networks across Europe, Bora Bora presents the newest and freshest in visual performing art. Bora Bora is supported by the Danish state and the Aarhus Municipality. The venue opened in July 2011.