Weaving together the self, the performance, the community

The words ‘text’ and ‘textile’ have the same root: something that is woven. Weaving is both a
concrete, tactile craft in which our hands engage with material threads and a powerful metaphor for
any process, both physical and mental, of bringing together distinct elements in meaningful patterns.

As such it works both on the level of the micro dramaturgy: “the organization of the actions of the
performance” (Eugenio Barba) and the macro dramaturgy of how to bring together the community
and “to help us read the world and to decipher its complexities” (Marianne Van Kerkhoven).

In the residence a group of choreographers and dramaturgs will come together to develop and
exchange dramaturgical skills. Because of the Covid-19 travel restrictions the residence will be
organized in a hybrid format – live and on-line - with the screen functioning as buchetta della danza,
reminiscent of the buchetta del vino, little windows through which restaurants kept distributing food
and wine in 17 th century Toscane during the plague, and in this way continued to nourish their

Realized in the framework of Micro and Macro Dramaturgies in Dance project co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union partners: TANEC PRAHA (CZ), Anghiari Dance Hub & Marche Teatro (IT), Bora - Dans og visuelt teater (DK), Dance House Lemesos (CY), Dans Brabant (NL).